What Are The UGC Guidelines For Green Card Holder?

It’s hard to find reliable information about the UGC guidelines for Green cardholders. You can be a green card holder and still get deported if you do something wrong! Find out more in this article.

What Are The UGC Guidelines For Green Card Holder?

What is a green card?

A green card is a document that allows the holder to live and work in the U.S. without fear of deportation. Green card holders are also eligible for many government benefits like social security, Medicare, and food stamps. 

The UGC guidelines for green card holders largely depend on whether the person has been granted status voluntarily or involuntarily and their country of origin.

What is the UGC guideline for green card holders?

Green cardholders in the United States are required to be lawful residents of the U.S. for five years. They must also be permanent or unlimited residents for three months and meet one of these requirements:

1) Have a medical exam showing they’re not afflicted with a dangerous contagious disease

2) Show that they’re not a public charge

3) Present evidence of employment

4) Have skills that are needed in the U.S.

5) Be a spouse, parent, or unmarried son or daughter (under age 21) of someone eligible to petition for them. 

6) Show proof that they have been continuously present in the U.S. for at least 7 years out of 10 total qualifying years. 

7) Be an adoptee (under age 18) and have resided in the U.S. since the adoption

8) Be under 16 and have never been married 

9) Have resided in the U.S. for one year before filing and have filed three years before turning 18

Who needs to follow UGC guidelines?

UGC guidelines are for green card holders, not citizens. That being said, UGC guidelines apply to all work created and posted on the internet. 

For example, if a UGC guideline says to list two sources in an article, you must provide two sources at the bottom. Additionally, you must follow these guidelines to maintain your green card.

Explanation of what it means to upload content

For content to be uploaded, it needs to meet the following requirements: 

(1) Have a substantial connection to the United States

(2) Not violate intellectual property rights.

(3) Not violate any other law.

How can you stay in compliance with the guidelines?

You are now subject to new rules and guidelines as a green cardholder. How can you stay in compliance with the guidelines? One of the most important things is to pay your taxes on time. 

You should also maintain adequate health insurance. Ensure that your driver’s license is up-to-date and that you have not committed any crimes. 

Don’t forget to vote in elections and be aware of your rights as a green card holder!


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